About this place…

Crystals, Runes, and herbs, oh my! From rituals and spells to meditation and Seidr with a splash of inspiration and devotion to old Goddesses and Gods, TOWINT is a place where all pagans are welcome in love and light. To live is to learn. Live the old ways in new times.


Whether you are new to paganism or have been on your path for a long time, you will find much to your liking here.

The old ways in new times is a principle that cherishes the beauty of all things while it evolves the ways of our ancestors and adapts them to modern times. We are the spell that the Universe has cast, and we owe it to the ever-expanding forces to grow our minds and souls in honor of life itself.

“Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold — all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.”

Doreen Valiente


Mundane Monday

Mondays are for everyday stuff from politics and health to philosophy and psychology.

Freya Friday

Fridays are reserved for pagan and spiritual topics.

The Pagan Path

The most challenging (and yet the most beautiful thing at the same time) about paganism is the path of growth one has to take. Nothing is still in nature. Why should it be any different with humans?