Primrose-quartz spirit bottles

Primrose and quartz go exceptionally well together. Well, quartz crystal is so special that it basically goes with anything. That is one of the reasons why when I was choosing which crystal to combine with primrose and its energy, I opted for quartz without any doubt whatsoever. Before going on and following my instructions on how to make your own primrose-quartz spirit bottle, I suggest you read my text about the primrose and familiarize yourself with that plant.

The common primrose

The common primrose

Primrose is said to be the flower of the fairies. They use their flowers as shelter from the rain. The most common feature this plant is known for is its ability to unlock portals and locked doors to other realms, especially those in nature. Primrose functions as a magical key that you can use on your spiritual journeys and just gently touch any portal or locked door to be able to pass through.

Spirit bottles

What I call spirit bottles are bottles filled with a combination of crystals and dried herbs. They are sealed to prevent people from opening them and eating the contents inside since that is strictly forbidden. The reason why I call my bottles Spirit Bottles and not magic or craft or some other name is because they contain the spirits/energy of particular plants and crystals. Their use depends on the person having them. You may choose to use them for different purposes, so assigning a purpose seemed arrogant. Who am I to tell you what to do? You may use them as part of jewelry, as an aid in your magical or spiritual work, carry them in your pocket, or you may just look at them and have them somewhere in your house with just a purely decorative purpose and nothing more.

Unlocking doors to other realms

The primrose-quartz spirit bottles can be used to unlock doors to other realms in your meditative/spiritual/mental/shamanic/magical work. Whatever type of work you do, from astral projections to vision traveling, primrose is a good ally to have if you come to a portal or a door that is locked. The plant works especially well with portals in nature and working with the Earth element. Quartz crystal is always a good choice to combine with any herb. It compliments primrose in these bottles in a lovely and very natural way.

To make your primrose-quartz bottles, you will first need to gather and dry some primrose. Dry it in shade with no direct sunlight on a piece of cloth. The duration of the drying process will vary. The plant should be completely dry, which you can check by picking up a piece of it and feeling it in your hands. It should crumble under your fingers relatively easily. The best way to know if the drying process went smoothly is to compare the color of the dried plant with that of a fresh one. They should be the same. The color of your dry plant should not be lighter (due to too much sun exposure) nor darker (due to mold or moisture). With a mortar and pestle, grind the primrose until you get a fine powder. Be careful not to inhale it. Place a couple of small quartz crystals into a bottle of your choosing and then cover it with primrose powder. Crystals should be cleansed first, either with water or any other method you prefer. Seal the bottle with a cork or a cap and ensure that it couldn’t be opened. I usually put a small amount of glue on the sides of the plug so that it sticks to the glass of the bottle and is secured tightly. Instead of quartz, you can choose to use citrine or some other yellow crystal such as yellow jasper or aventurine.

Suggested meditation

Lie down or sit comfortably with the primrose-quartz bottle either in your hand or on your solar chakra. Relax your body and take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. Visualize the sunlight glowing on your solar plexus chakra and empowering your being by enhancing your health and strength. Feel how you are becoming more confident and having good self-esteem. Allow the sunlight to spread over your body in all directions and bless it with abundance in all areas of your life. Feel the love and warmth gently influencing your energy, and allow yourself to drift away in your thoughts to a special place in nature. Visualize how you are walking and holding your special yellow bottle in your hand. Observe nature and look for a blocked hole, portal, or locked door. To unlock or unblock it and ensure your passage through, place the bottle on the floor in front of it. You should now be able to open the door or the portal in front of you. It will be unlocked. When you enter through to that special world on the other side, explore it until you are ready to go back.

No one can tell you what you will see or encounter, for your experiences are your own. They may even differ from one journey to another. Actually, it is quite normal that they differ because they depend on your current time and place in your life and what you are going through and looking for. On your way back, pick up your bottle from the floor and continue going back the same way you came until your walk through nature begins to fade and your consciousness shifts back gently to your normal physical reality. You can then open your eyes, thank your bottle for the assistance it provided, and write down on a piece of paper what you experienced. If it helps or if you simply like to perform your meditations in such a way, use meditation music or nature sounds, but avoid music with human voices singing or speaking during this meditation with the exception of OM sound. You can always use sound recordings of OM sound being spoken or sung by a person or a group of people if it suits you (it may or may not) in any meditation you ever read on

Of course, you can moderate this meditation to your liking. Instead of placing the bottle on the floor in front of the door, you can also see it being transformed into a yellow key that fits into any lock, or you can open the bottle in your mind and sprinkle its contents on the door. On your return, the key should be transformed back to the bottle shape or the contents of it should be put back inside. Your intuition will tell you what to do, you cannot make a mistake, and it is perfectly fine to use it in different ways on each trip.

All photographs are my own and are free for use with the proper credit and a link back to this site.

Merry meet, and merry part, and merry meet again my dear pagan soul. Rejoice in life, and life will rejoice in you. May God and Goddess bless you in everything you do and spirit guides follow you wherever you go.

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