Primrose-quartz spirit bottles

The primrose-quartz spirit bottles can be used to unlock doors to other realms in your meditative/spiritual/mental/shamanic/magical work. Whatever type of work you do, from astral projections to vision traveling, primrose is a good ally to have if you come to a portal or a door that is locked. The plant works especially well with portals in nature and working with the Earth element. Quartz crystal is always a good choice to combine with any herb. It compliments primrose in these bottles in a lovely and very natural way.


Walking with Runes

To go on a Rune walk, you will need FIVE THINGS: a Rune set, a wooden stick, a path in Nature to walk on, a knife, and a good attitude. Never once have I been on a Rune walk that something hidden didn't reveal itself and made quite obvious. It always feels like a kick in the butt in a way, but that's how Runes usually work. They don't understand the meaning of the word subtle.

Freedom of speech vs. Cancel culture

The biggest problem in today's modern Western society is we talk about our rights 99% of the time and about our responsibilities 1% of the time. Every single right comes with the responsibility. If I want to be a part of a harmonious society, then I need to make sure that I am a contributing part of it and that my actions or words don't make someone else's experience of that society any harder than it needs to be. I need to educate myself in how to communicate with people in a respectful way with freedom to express my own opinions but without forcing those opinions on others and presenting them as facts or universal truths.

Pagan sabbats: Ostara, Alban Eilir, and Komoeditsa/Mara

For Wiccans, Druids, Norse and Germanic pagans, this sabbat is called Ostara, although some Druids prefer the name Alban Eilir, while Slavic Rodnovery celebrates Mara. There are some distinctions between the customs, but the energy and nature of this sabbat remain the same throughout many different pagan paths. We celebrate the spring equinox and life returning to Earth. Traditionally, Ostara falls on March 21st, while the astrological date is when the Sun is at 0° of Aries. For more about sabbats in general and to read about the pagan Wheel of the Year, check out Pagan Sabbats.

The paradox of neopaganism being against capitalism

If I see nature as perfect and/or humans as perfect, why would I want to change them? Well, you can't really control that which is not you, anyway, can you? So being a part of nature actually plays hand-in-hand with the ability to control because the philosophical principle of magic as controlling the outside is only possible by accepting that "outside" is only a human construct of division. There is no outside. Tag, you're it. As for the controlling and changing nature, nothing is still in it. The material form of nature evolved and is still evolving. It is not static even though it can be seen as perfect in its every moment of evolution. This one, and this one. This one too.

What other people think of you is none of your business

You will never be able to please everyone, so why even bother? You do you. There are even those who will say if you never made any enemies, you're doing something wrong, the wrong being faking your way through life. You can be the nicest person in the world, and there would still be those who wouldn't like or agree with you.